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Welcome to the webcam of BMH Online.

Located in Wales, UK, the camera typically looks out to a garden (of sorts) and a field beyond. Perhaps you'll see birds on the feeder, a cat or human enjoying the sun, or sheep and lambs grazing in the distance.

Operating hours are typically during the sunlight hours (GMT). (The system is generally solar powered).












After the introduction slide-show, the above webcam image will refresh automatically every 30 seconds.
If the time doesn't progress (bottom left) after this duration then the webcam is likely currently offline.

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The original BMH Online Webcam was run from a Windows 98 PC with a 368MHz K6-2 CPU and 128MB or RAM, using a Creative Webcam 3 USB.

Resurrected in 2021 the BMH Online Webcam now runs on Windows XP from an Advent 3211-B Notebook with an Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, using a Logitch C270 Webcam.

A collection of captured images have been captured and collected; I intend to create a Gallery of sorts to display these. #comingsoon Get in touch to request to be notified of the addition of this feature.

In 2022 4 x 200W solar panels and a PowerOak AC200P system were acquired, allowing the generation of some of our own electricity. With a surplus of energy on sunny summer days there is enough to power the Webcam system (it draws about 44 watts according to the PowerOak).

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While the solar-generated electricity is "free" the equipment is not. If you would like to help support the running of this system on other days then you can either donate directly (with Ko-fi), purchase products (merch) created using my own designs/artwork/photos (available on Zazzle/society6*), advertise your own website/product/service (rates available upon request), or simply link to/share the camera page - if you have your own webcam page then reciprocated links are welcome.

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Last updated 05-05-2024

*merch no longer available via RedBubble because they deleted my account for some unspecified reason.