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BMH Computers and Coronavirus

Due to the change in situation and how we all need to operate during this time, please read the following regarding my services…

 - Brian
Proprietor of BMH Computers



cyclistI would normally visit my clients to assist with their computer and tech issues at their premises, charging for my time accordingly. This is how I earn a living. It is also an enjoyable way for me to live; cycling to and from different locations, meeting different people, shaking hands, and enjoying the hospitality of tea, coffee, biscuits (even cake!), and a bit of a chat along the way!

We are required to be in lockdown or self-isolate and limit our travel but I will continue to offer and provide my services as best as possible. However, it is rarely as simple as telling you what you need to click on! Not meeting you or your computer face-to-face often makes getting to the bottom of a problem and resolving it all the more challenging.

 • If I am able to provide a simple solution over the phone, I will.

 • If you email me or contact me through my website, I will do my best to help you out or point you in the right direction for a solution.

 • If necessary I can collect a problem system and return it to you at your convenience, keeping a safe social distance as required.

I enjoy resolving tech issues; it’s satisfying, if only a little stressful at times! I think we all realise (especially now) how much we rely on our devices.

The only problem that remains for me is how to charge for my services and continue to earn a living during this time when I’m unable to visit my clients as normal and for them to see or appreciate how much time is involved.

The government is assisting employed people who have been told not to work, with up to 80% or their earnings and SSP, but for the self-employed like myself, we’re expected to wait more that two months and live off any savings we might have (savings that will limit what assistance we do get, if any, with the necessary Universal Credit system).

Fortunately I live by simple means; cycling to clients being an aspect of this, but we all have bills to pay.

Here you can help me help you and others alike stay connected at this time:

Buy Brian a Coffee

A slice of cake

Help him with a bill

Parts for his bike

 Leave Feedback regarding your experiences with using my services.

Here is a handshake for you!



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