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Desktop Computers from BMH Computers...
Various options available - just get in touch to discuss your requirements...

Example systems, brand new, from 495 including delivery and setup*:

Specific systems illustrated above are subject to availability at the time of ordering.

Typical/minimum specifications:

Microsoft Windows 10
Dual Core CPU
VGA/HDMI Connections
USB 2.0 & 3.0 Sockets
Ethernet & WiFi
SD Card slot

12 month hardware warranty


Ready for Windows 11?

*"These desktop computers will be compatible with Windows 11 - the free upgrade to this will be provided by Microsoft when it becomes available. The upgrade rollout plan is being finalised and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device."

Need more Storage?
These components can be upgraded - please get in touch to discuss your options.


Price too high? Prevent your existing computer going to e-waste prematurely...
Why not consider having your existing computer repaired or upgraded - get in touch to discuss your options.


What you get from BMH Computers...

You get the system as specified above, complete with an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of a traditional and slower hard drive. Each system is brand new and ordered upon request. Windows 10 is fully installed along with device drivers for built-in components, and all the latest Windows Updates are installed prior to delivery (unlike off-the-shelf computers which typically require lengthy updates which cause a system to be slow until these are completed).

Installed for your convenience will be LibreOffice which is free office software. Windows 10 includes built0-in Antivirus protection (no annual subscription is required). Because I install all of the above the system is properly tested and supplied to you in full working order and you don't have to wait for updates to install (until new ones are released), saving you time and hassle.

*If you live on Anglesey then I will personally deliver and set up your new system (up to two hours included) and I can use this time to also transfer files from your old computer, connect the computer to your internet service and install your printer. If you live further afield then your new computer will be delivered by courier.

Each computer includes a hardware warranty. To local customers I will visit you to rectify hardware faults, all other customers will be required to return the system to me. Software assistance is available at my hourly rate.