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Windows 11 Ready?...
Ready for Windows 11?It's that time again... Microsoft have created another version of Windows and people are asking what to do... Here is the general advice from Brian here at BMH Computers:

Windows 10 'End of Life'
Microsoft will continue supporting Windows 10 (i.e. releasing updates for it) until October 2025, therefore there is no urgency to do anything with your existing Windows 10 system.

TPM 2.0
Previous versions of Windows (7 and 8.1) could be upgraded to Windows 10. Generally I have recommended that such systems have a minimum of 4GB of RAM and ideally an SSD, however in addition to these Windows 11 requires 'TPM 2.0'. Sadly this will mean that many computers will not be compatible with Windows 11; you may have already seen a Windows Update notice informing you that your computer doesn't meet the requirements for Windows 11 and the lack of TPM is usually why.

TPM - is a security module built into a computer.


- Perhaps your computer supports TPM 2.0 but this is disabled or not present.
 - Buy a computer that will be compatible with Windows 11 [see Laptops, or Desktops]. All new computers now supplied by BMH Computers will be compatible with Windows 11.
 - Switch to Linux.

Add to e-Waste or switch to Linux?
Microsoft have decided that TPM is necessary for computers running Windows 11 but this will mean that many (millions?) of computers that are still functioning fine physically will be sent to e-waste prematurely. This is clearly not a very green thing to happen. As said, you can keep using your existing Windows 10 system while it is being supported. After that, you could have your system converted to run Linux instead of Windows. There are many versions of Linux available that are free to download and use and this is something BMH Computers can assist with if you are a local customer.

Further advice:
If your computer is eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade and you want to proceed with it, it is highly recommended that you backup your files first in case anything goes wrong.

BMH Computers is able to assist with all of these things if you are a local customer:

- Checking Windows 11 eligibility
- Assisting with an upgrade
- Backing up files
- Replacing Windows with Linux
- Supplying new and refurbished computers